05 Mar, 2024
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Artikli Offset Tradicionalni



Wet offset inks characterized by high gloss and very good rub resistance. Quick absorption. Normal drying.

Fields of application
Particularly suitable for printing on glossy and mat coated paper, and for printing on any type of board.

Ink properties
  • OVERNIGHT wet both in tin and ink-fountain. (drying index = 2)
  • High concentration
  • Smooth consistency
  • Very good printability
  • Good water stability
  • Good wet-on-wet printability
  • Quick absorption and stabilization
  • Good print contrast
  • Good gloss
  • Quick print processing
  • High stacking capability
  • Drying by absorption and oxidation
  • Very good rub resistance

1. concentation
2. tack
3. gloss
4. rub resistance
5. penetration
6. fresh